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What is
Choose Happy?

Our #1 goal is to make people “HAPPY” ! Give a “Happy” and help people living with medical conditions or disabilities feel special and SMILE :)  

We accept nominations for individuals living with the disabilities we are spotlighting that year based off our disability calendar below.  WE choose 1 child and 1 adult per month to honor and make  HAPPY!

Our New Event Video 

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Mission statement:
Together we can create happiness for any individual that lives with a medical condition that affects their ability to enjoy life to the fullest!

Our purpose:
Our goal is to educate individuals and families on the chosen disability. Form relationships and support local and national charities that are specific to that disability. Accept nominations for children and adults living with the disability and create happiness for those chosen to the best of our ability.

Why nominate someone?
At We Choose Happy, we believe in the power of compassion and kindness to transform lives. Through our unique program, we have the privilege of granting “Happies”, to individuals facing the challenges of living with different disabilities.

What is a happy?
A Happy is a gift, experience, equipment, or anything to make someone happy. It’s a southern way of saying gift.

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