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  • Who can be nominated?
    Any individual living with one of the disabilities that we are spotlighting this year on our disability calendar. .
  • Can someone be nominated that has been granted a gift, wish, or prize in the past from a gift giving organization?
    Yes, but exclusions apply. We want to help as many people as possible, but individuals that have never been gifted something will be considered first.
  • What made you start We choose Happy?
    My son was born with Spina Bifida, he had surgeries at a few days old and was lucky enough to have amazing surgeons that corrected all the issues he was facing. From all the follow up appointments the older he got he always would say how can we help some of these people, I have always had a huge heart for anyone facing adversity or disabilities. We have talked about doing this for over 5 years and we finally took the plunge 😃 🙏… it makes my heart happy to make others happy. We LOVE “Make a Wish foundation” but, wanted to offer something to the individuals that are not critically ill, that face daily struggles, battles, etc to be noticed, recognized, and made HAPPY! 🥰
  • How can i help volunteer or donate?
    We are in a huge need of someone to help with grants and donations. We have to raise money to grant all of our Happies! Please email us at for additional information! You can donate from our home page on website!
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